360º Viewer - Wood

Hello fellow 3D printers! I’m Jwall with PrintThatThing here to share with yall, the latest creation! A wooden 360º Stereoscopic Viewer for your smart phone! This design is as if a Google Cardboard and an 19th century Holmes viewer had a 3D printed baby.




For those of you who don’t know what this is or what it’s for…. This Stereoscopic Viewer is for 360º videos on youtube. If you’re on the Youtube App on your smartphone you can turn the phone around like this to see a window to another world. I’ve been getting REALLY obsessed with 360º & VR game development lately, and wanted to make an easy to print 360º viewer that pops together and works with ALL phones. I hated how most VR headsets needed these extra parts from the hardware store, 15+ pieces to print, and then only works for SOME phones. I wanted to create an old school meets new school mashup rig that you can slide your phone into with it’s case!

To use it  with your phone, go inside the Youtube app, click the little google cardboard icon, slide your phone in, adjust the tension on the slide, put your head in the viewer, and you’re immersed in another world!



We made this design in a different style I’ve never tried before. We would LIVE stream and collaborate on the design as a team. We had a ton of fun creating this model! During the few days of LIVE streaming I would 3D model and get tips & feedback from you guys'n' girls out there - around the world!

SO Thanks to EVERYONE who came to the LIVE streams and said hey or helped with the design, I loved it! We even had a bunch of 3D Printing Youtubers stop by to collaborate. (Angus over on Makers Muse, Anthony from the Hot End, Garrett aka Choas Core Tech, CJ Printing, Panoreth, SparkyFace5, Preston at PressReset, & Travis over at A Pyro Design!) Can’t wait to collaborate with yall again and hope to see more designers jump in to create something together LIVE in the near future?!


Printing Process

As far as Printing Tha Dang Thang goes! The Stereo Viewer was printed with Fillumiem TimberFILL PLA filament that I was gifted from Nick over at MakerBox. Thanks so much Nick for helping with this project!

So... I printed all the parts part in about 8 hours with NO SUPPORTS and NO RAFTS! You can use them if you want to though. Slid the lenses into the slots and we’re ready to rock!

You can click the (i) in the corner to see the HOW TO video on putting the viewer together or which lenses to buy off Amazon!

TUTORIAL ASSEMBLY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8-qmK-OUQM




Please let me know if this design doesn’t fit your phone or any other feedback and I can make some adjustments. This design is a work in progress… so ONWARD! Oh, If you don’t want to 3D print the Viewer for FREE you can buy it off my website www.PrintThatThing.xyz. But I only have a few at the moment.

Thanks for watching and collaborating my 3D printing friends! Feel free to subscribe if you want to and we’ll see y’all on the flip side! PEACE!