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Jul 12, - Hi this is my poll for all Moms who use spanking to discipline their daughters. How often do you spank your daughter(s) for discipline?

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May 16, - Here are all my polls in 1 place. Please take them all. printthatthing.xyz fantasy spanking. I know of some parents who give their kids non punishment spankings but few of them will admit that they spank just for fun. Some of the.

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Nov 23, - What is your age and when was your last spanking? I am years old and my last spanking was at years old. How often do you get spanked by. Mar 15, - This poll is for people of both genders. It is about a typical spanking that you would have received or do receive when you misbehave, or about.

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Sep 27, - Survey of your experience growing up and as a parent now or what role spanking might play if you later became a parent as a method of. Apr 6, - This is a poll to find out about girls who are still spanked, as all my daughters are,how, what for, and what with. Are you a girl who is still.

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May 3, - I always spank them bare and I do use implements sometimes. And I spank both girls on the vulva. The shame of it, being presented in a. Jun 20, - General misbehavior. I didn't do anything or did it I should not have been spanked!!! What implement connected with your backside? Hand. Belt.

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Sep 29, - I believe in good old fashioned bare bottom spankings when children misbehave. Not the only thing to use but very helpful if done properly. Nov 7, - For reasons that I dont want to get into I need a spanking, I just lack discipline in my life in general. An army general giveing my daily spankings.